Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The FABULOUS "White Party" Escazú, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful and diverse country. One of the most important things that I want to do with this blog is to give people an idea of what life in like here in Costa Rica.

We are traveling and exploring many of the areas (each area is special and unique and often very different from the other)

On Sunday July 10, 2016, Evelyn & Matt Lopes hosted a beautiful "White Party"
Have you ever attended one? We had not.

The premise is simple. Everyone wears white! 

These parties have been given all over the world.

So we went out and got ourselves a white outfit and off we went (9 of us) in a private bus to Escazú, which is about an hour away from Grecia. Even though Escazú is geographically close, life there is very different. In Escazú you will find tall buildings, luxury condos, fine hotels, huge upscale malls and many of the niceties that you would be very familiar with back in the states.

me in my white outfit
Note from Evelyn after the party -
Everyone commented on how good it was. We had BBQ ribs, chicken, Chiccharones, beans and rice, salad and cake and coffee for dessert.  We also had a surprise for our guest, a Mariachi Band, everyone had a great time you can tell from the photo's. Our Goddaughter, Dr. Hancock came in Saturday with her boyfriend, Alex from New York for the party. We were celebrating birthdays, some of our friends retiring in CR a new baby on the way and our 48th Anniversary. We had a BALL.
Evelyn in her white
Thank you to Matt & Evelyn for hosting this party and welcoming us to Costa Rica!!

Below is a short video with some party highlights 

The FABULOUS "White Party" from Devon on Vimeo.
Link to Video above
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