Friday, October 14, 2016

I gotta be me! - Our Life in Costa Rica

Today's post comes from my Changing Direction (fashion/lifestyle) blog and is all about my current clothing dilemma.

I have included a short excerpt below. 
If you would like to read the entire post I have also provided the link 

Things are a changin!


one of the things that has not changed, is my love for fashion and design. 

My next project...

my clothes

Since we decided not to bring a lot of clothing, I downsized my wardrobe and then selected the clothing I thought would be most appropriate for our new lifestyle and a very different climate (mostly based on what I had read or heard from other expats).

Since we have now been here almost 5 months, I have learned quite a bit about how I want to dress and it turns out that I brought many of the wrong items.

So...What to do???

Read the rest of the post here Changing Direction
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