Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve - Our Life in Costa Rica

Taken from our patio and is called a "sundog"

Here are some Costa Rican traditions for the next 2 days
  • share a big Christmas Eve dinner with friends and family then head to Christmas Eve Midnight Mass 
  • tuck baby Jesus in the Manger and place gifts under the Christmas tree at midnight on Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve Most families have a late night dinner of pork leg and tamales on with eggnog, heavy with rum, while people visit friends and family to give presents before midnight. Then, people head to the midnight mass. It’s a long service, and many are often too tired to stay through the two hour mass. With the local traditions of food, family and fun, Christmas is definitely the happiest time of the year in Costa Rica.
Christmas DayChristmas Day is a special day for children who receive and play with presents that they have been longing for. Children in Costa RIca believe that baby Jesus is the one who brings Christmas presents to children. Some children write letters to Baby Jesus “Cartas al Nino” a few weeks before Christmas Day, asking for a gift that they desire most.Many people have the day off work and spend time with their families, friends, and loved ones. They also bring their children to take rides and eat at Fiestas de Zapote in the morning. At night they gather with friends and share drinks enjoying the night.Many churches have special Christmas Day services, some of which include choirs, joyous singing, and meet-and-greet opportunities after the church services.
Source: Christmas Traditions Ryan Van Velzer
Also today we stopped by to visit a friend on the next ridge over. We took the bus from town. It was very easy. You can almost see our house from theirs but in order for us to get to him, we have to take the bus down our ridge into town, then catch their bus back up. It took about 1 1/2.  He gave us the utility pole number nearest his house so we would know where to get off the bus, since there are no addresses. While we were in town we bought some of my favorite peanuts with lemon. (mani - limon y sal)

Here's a few pics of their house. Very cute!

Have a very Happy Xmas Eve and see ya tomorrow!
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