Friday, December 23, 2016

A bridge too far - Our Life in Costa Rica

Only TWO more days until Christmas

It's Friday, and we are off to town to run errands and shop at the feria. No Isabel's tonight so we will spend a quiet evening at home.

Before we go, I thought I would share this little story and these photos with you. They were taken on Wednesday as we were on our way to La Terraza (by taxi) to meet the new arrivals, Dietta & Charles.

There was a bridge you had to cross just before getting to La Terraza. Lavanson used to call it "the bridge of great hope" (it was a sort of scary little bridge).  It was frequently used to get to this particular barrio and also served as a short cut into town. You could hear the loud clickety clack as the cars (and trucks) rolled over it. I think there was also a religious statue on the other side. I guess to give thanks to when you made it safely across!

They finally tore it down a few weeks ago and most folks use the detour, but not our taxi driver. He drove right past the "closed for cars - bridge is under repair"  sign and drove right up to the end of the road and pointed to where the bridge used to be. He said a few words in Spanish to some other people who were walking by and motioned for us to get out of the taxi "aqui". When we got out, we found a temporary bridge a few feet away serving as a makeshift crossing.  We walked across the 2 support/boards, which are now the pedestrian walk way and arrived safely on the other side. Right in front of our destination (no religious statue in sight). Ya gotta love it here!

The river

a little spooky but not as bad as I thought

safe and sound on the other side

Have a wonderful day and don't shop too much!

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