Thursday, December 22, 2016

Welcome to the New Kids in Town - Our Life in Costa Rica

With 4 days till Xmas

Welcome Dietta & Charles to the family!

These 2 happy people from Dallas (traveling with only 2 bags each) arrived in Costa Rica on Tues night around 9pm. 
They checked in @ La Terraza B& B and we met them for breakfast on Wednesday and a 
Costa Rica  Roundtable Q & A discussion

Unfortunately, their flight was delayed going out and as luck would have it, their luggage did not arrive with them

The Q & A roundtable is an excellent way to begin getting acclimated to living in Costa Rica and also provides a variety of perspectives  -- from those expats that have only been here a short while to those who have been here for over 10 years.

First things first...what about the money?

Then off to find the nearest mall to get a few new clothes to tide them over until their luggage gets delivered

We missed the bus so decided to do the 15-20 minute walk to Maxi Pali and the Grecia Plaza

Lavanson & I left them in the capable hands of our friend Marilyn, as he and I needed to catch the bus back up to our ridge because we had a Summer Solstice Party (holiday party #3) to attend.

Annual Solstice Party location: El Cajon de Grecia

BTW - we had a ball and I have LOTS more pics and video to share. I will get it up for you as soon as I can get it all edited.

In the meantime.....Holiday Photo Collection Thursday choice

See ya tomorrow!
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