Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Right here, Right now - Our Life in Costa Rica

 Odds and Ends 

Awesome Tuesday afternoon Rainbow!

We are getting these beautiful rainbows quite often lately. This one, seen from our patio, is a bit brighter than most of the others we have seen.

Vuelta Ciclista a Costa Rica (Tour of Costa Rica)

A multi day bicycle race through Costa Rica held annually since 1965.

We were in town yesterday when the race came through Grecia.

We met up with a friend who lives here on our ridge (the next bus stop down from ours). We took the bus together into town to meet up with a couple of other friends for breakfast. 
Above: my cup of "Vainilla Capuchino" (Vanilla Cappuccino)

Costa Rica during the holidays:
Students are out of school in December, starting their long “summer vacation” until February. Rainy season has ended, It’s time to celebrate!

 Four more days till Christmas!

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