Tuesday, December 20, 2016

One Stylish Party - Our Life in Costa Rica

Five Days and counting....

A cheese lover/connoisseur is called a turophile : 

A wine lover is called a oenophile 

Welcome to the 2nd Holiday Party
this one was
A Cheese Party @ Heike's beautiful home
Grecia, Costa Rica

The house is absolutely, divine!

This is the 4th cheese party  by cheese maker, John Michael Arthur since we have been here, however we have missed the last 2. The cheese is small batch queso de cabra (goat cheese).

Happy to have been able to make this party. We arrived a little early so had the privilege of touring the whole house. All I can say is, "its pretty spectacular!". I heard the house is also on the market  I think the asking price is $2.2 million (what a steal) 

Heike was a captain of a ship in Germany,  and I think in the Merchant Marines as well. Anyway he builds exact replicas of working ships and the property even has a registered port where he can put them in water. I have never seen anything like it. Heike's wife does all the artwork which she also places in hotels. 

Here's a very short video of the party and more of the house!

*email subscribers click link above for video

Today's Holiday Picture

See you tomorrow!
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