Monday, December 19, 2016

It feels like a Paradise to me - Our Life in Costa rica

Six Days and Counting....

We attended our 1st official holiday party on Sunday. The party was in Sarchi Sur. Sarchi is the next little town over from Grecia and is known for its handcrafted furniture. I have been wanting to check out some of the homes in Sarchi as we know several expats that are living there. Sarchi Sur (Sarchi South) is very close to Grecia too!

 Kevin and Audrey  hosted the party. Kathleen picked us up and drove us to their house. They have been in Costa Rica about the same length of time as we have and they have already bought a house!! It's the cutest place you ever want to see. They live in a mixed neighborhood of Ticos and Gringos. On the winding road to their home we passed many locals (lots of kids) out walking on a Sunday afternoon (Sunday's are for family time in Costa Rica). The location feels exactly like you would imagine living in Costa Rica should be! Its a picturesque setting, secluded among many, many fruit trees (I think they have 14 different kinds) and coffee plants (ready to be harvested) but is actually only a 5 minute drive to the main town , banks, groceries etc.

It feels rather fairytale like here - Another cute house is at the end of the walkway

Everyone was asked to bring a dish (finger food) and of course BYOB and the hosts provided us with Tequila, lime and salt for shots!

Kevin & Audrey with Jim

Each attendee left with a gift of pink grapefruit (pictured above)

Audrey made the fountain

Good food, Good Conversation & Good People -- what else could I ask for!

Probably more than enough pictures for today huh?
so I will not add one from my holiday collection

See ya tomorrow!
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