Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yoga on the ridge - Our Life in Costa Rica

The lady who is walking ahead of me here - on my way back home - brought her little girl to participate in class. It was the cutest thing!

Walking home after Day #2 of yoga. Walking downhill is much easier than walking up

There it is folks ---That VIEW!!!

I made a Short Video  with a few thoughts after my 1st yoga class. 
(BTW - the class will also help me with my Spanish because only the instructors speak both English & Spanish). My classmates tried to talk to me - in the beginning everyone pretty much assumes I speak Spanish - but unfortunately I did not understand most of what they said, except, a couple of ladies complimented me on my hair - which I understand because I've been stopped a few times and people have basically said the same thing - so I recognize those words!  
The walk to the class alone would have been reward enough for me! 

And so I begin 2017

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