Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Song in the Making - Our Life in Costa Rica

Living the Pura Vida!

Pura Vida means Pure Life

Part of the reason we are in Costa Rica is because we wanted to be in a place where we could truly be free to be who we are. Not that you can't do that in the U.S (because you certainly can). It is just easier here because life is much simpler.  Maybe it's in the air, but there is definitely something here that provides the deepest sense of peace.
In Costa Rica, you learn to make your own version of life,  you can surround yourself with the things you love, and the things that make you happy. There's an atmosphere of favoring family and friends and good times above all else.

In Costa Rica, we both discovered a freer, healthier, happier, more creative life!

Lavanson taught himself to play the Native American flute, after I surprised him with one from High Spirits for his birthday about 10 yrs ago. Problem is, he always played alone and never had the opinion or collaboration with a musician. Since we have been here he has been invited to the home of one of our new friends (Larry) who is a musician. Last week he got to record in Larry's studio.
He was a happy guy! Below are are a couple of minutes of their session together.
Thanks Larry!!

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