Friday, March 31, 2017

My Story (video) - Our Life in Costa Rica

Some of you may remember a few months ago I teamed up with a group of dynamic black women and we presented a relocation webinar.

Today I am sharing my portion of the webinar with you. It has also been placed on my sidebar for future reference. The video is open for anyone to view so if you have friends or relatives that are interested please feel free to share it.

So Sorry Fellas!!
You can watch the video but the group is called Black Women Thriving Abroad and is meant to be  informational and provide support for Black women living  (or contemplating relocation) outside of the USA.

The closed group is currently on Facebook (under that name)  
This is an invitation only group to meet and share with likeminded individuals. Ask questions, share your thoughts, learn about places and additional steps to take and be part of a community with others who have similar goals and passion.
If anyone is interested in joining or if you have other questions please feel free to contact me via email, comment or Facebook. You can also see ALL of the videos on our website (you will automatically be added to the Facebook group)

Hope you will find the information in this 30 minute video helpful
Email subscribers please click the link the view the video

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