Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Long and Winding Road - Volcano Update - Our Life in Costa Rica

Road to Poás Volcano (Park is closed) Cameras were destroyed a few nights ago as well.
We live about 9 miles from the volcano (as the crow flies)

Part of the Pacific Ring Fire Circle, Costa Rica has over 200 identifiable volcanic formations dating back over 65 million years. Today, however, only 100 or so show any signs of volcanic activity, and just five are classified as active volcanoes.

How long will the eruptions go on? Who knows. The last major eruption of Poás was in 1953 and lasted until 1956.

Comisión Nacional de Emergencias (CNE) 
The National Emergency Commission communicates the calendar of activities in the area west of Alajuela as a follow-up to the volcanic activity of Poás .

CNE will be in the following communities to provide follow-up in the activity of the. Poás Volcano: 
 Tuesday, April 25 - 5:00 pm. Technical meeting at the school in San Luis de Grecia with residents of the community.
"We will conduct meetings with the emergency municipal committees and also provide informative talks in the most vulnerable communities to the activity of the volcano.
In these activities we will be present authority of the institution, along with experts in the operational areas geological and to advise and clarify doubts to the population." translated from Spanish
Last Night: San Luis de Grecia

CNE and RSN (Red Sismológica Nacional, Costa Rica) are in San Luis de Grecia to provide information on the Poas volcano activity.
Blas Sanchez Ureña, geologist from the CNE and William Alvarado induni the RSN ICE and member of the technical advisory committee of volcanology, delivered a lecture to the residents of the community, to representatives of the municipality of Grecia, institutions and organized groups in the area.

Also, the president of the CNE, Dr. Ivan Brenes urged those present to work on community-based prevention and abide by the recommendations that were offered which are not to alarm you, but to inform and prevent. 

For now all is well, air quality and water (most of the water sources for our area are underground). Someone asked a question regarding evacuation for people living in remote locations on the ridges and/or people who do not speak Spanish and who might possibly miss evacuation information. We were assured that the emergency team will start at the top of each ridge and go house to house to make sure that EVERYONE is safe. Very nice to know! 

We attended (Lavanson seen in photo, Kathleen, Verdette and me) the meeting was held in the gymnasium of the elementary school just up the hill from our house. There was a full house as many of the local people were in attendance. We also took our Spanish teacher, Shirley to translate for us. After the meeting they graciously served everyone a 1/2 sandwich (Mortadella) a cookie and iced tea.

Some Rocks and Ash from the Volcano

Video of eruptions (form email subscribers please click the link)

People have been asking me -- so in case you are wondering... 
We still Love it here.
Nature is very unpredictable and things happen no matter where you live
We're stayin and this is not scaring us back to the states. 
Just Sayin!
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