Monday, April 24, 2017

The Organic Clothes Dryer - Our Life in Costa Rica

YOU will know you have begun to think like a Tico when.....
THIS becomes the new normal 

You prefer to hang your clothes OUTSIDE on the line to dry 
  Using the fancy dryer inside your house!!

Although electric dryers are sneaking into more homes in Costa Rica (especially with the influx of more gringos who consider dryers a necessity, like refrigerators), most Ticos still dry their wash outside in the sunshine and fresh air.  

You can see freshly scrubbed (often by hand) laundry draped over fences, hung in trees, suspended on clotheslines and/or neatly spread out on the ground.  Many homes have interior drying areas with a rack and pulley system for the wet clothes.  Also in the rainy season you can hang the clothes on the rack and in the warmth of the morning sun, the clothes get a head start on drying.  Hopefully, they will dry before they start to get musty and have to be re-washed.

Every week our housekeeper Erla, hangs our clothes outside and by the time she leaves (4 hrs) later
They are all dry!
She also utilizes the back fence when she runs out of space on the line
(she hasn't put any of the clothes on the ground -- so far)

and the added benefit is...

You'll save money, cut carbon emissions, and extend the life of your duds in the process.

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