Thursday, May 25, 2017

Consider the possibilities - Our Life n Costa Rica

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Lavanson & I had the pleasure of meeting up with Noah & Adero the other day at a Due Diligence breakfast meeting held at La Terraza B&B in Grecia.

I had communicated with Adero via my Aspiring Expats Facebook page back in March. She followed my advice and stopped in Puerto Viejo for several days and then made her way to Grecia. We had a very interesting and hopefully informative discussion with them about their plans to relocate. Jeanetta Owens (owner of La Terraza) imparted her knowledge of living in Costa Rica for some 15 years and shared her perspective as a business owner.

Adero is a yoga instructor and I think the 2 are planning to make their home in Puerto Viejo sometime next year -- their decision now based on having experienced 2 very different sides of Costa Rica.

We loved meeting them!

Hope to see them again soon!

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