Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dirt by any other name - Our Life in Costa Rica

We decided to grow our own organic herbs.

This is Costa Rica  --  Everything is a process for us!
So first I needed to get some organic soil/fertilizer. I ordered it from Finca Organica (organic farm) which is located up the ridge from us. I ordered it on Friday and she brought it the following Friday for pick up at their stall in the feria.  She also brought me 4 types of herbs to plant.

Next she told me I needed dirt (a 60/40 split - dirt to the organic fertilizer). I have never really planted like this before so I assumed all I needed was what she brought me. Hmmm although we are surrounded by "dirt",  I wanted "clean" dirt.  Didn't want to use our dirt less it have pesticides from all the coffee plants growing around us.

So, I figured we would stop at our local vivero (nursery) and pick some up. How hard could that be?

Our taxi driver (and friend) Randall picked us up at our regular Friday pick up spot and I asked him to stop on the way home so I could get the dirt.

  He had given me the Spanish word for dirt (suciedad) but when we arrived, I was still a bit nervous about how to say it. He kindly volunteered to come in with me just so that the owner would understand exactly what I wanted.

When I told her I needed dirt, she looked at me with that puzzled look (which I recognize all too well by now, I think it means "crazy gringa" 😕)  as she quietly explained that I should get dirt from my yard. They don't really sell "dirt".

This was going to take some explaining.

After much discussion back and forth between she and Randall (he was trying to make my point about no pesticides). She went over to an area in the vivero and began shoveling soil.  She then went to another area and mixed it with a different kind of soil. In the end I had a big bag of organic soil. Randall tied it all up tight and lifted it to the top of the taxi for transport home.

Total cost $5

here's Randall trudging through all the dirt and helping as she shoveled it into a big bag for me. 

I will never get over the kindness of the people here who go out of their way to help you (with a smile) and once again I so appreciate Randall! I could NEVER have done this without his help 😘

Ta Da - here's my finished organic herb pot!!

Romero = Rosemary
Ruda = Rue
Tilo = Linden
Esdragon = Tarragon
Albahaca = Basil
Sabio = Sage
Unnamed herb - you make into tea for stomach issues (we bought it last yr)

 oh and BTW
this is
Costa Rica snow

the first signs of the coffee in bloom at our house
If you have not seen it before 
it's beautiful
and smells divine - just like jasmine

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