Friday, May 5, 2017

Let There be Light - Our Life in Costa Rica

I'm going to gripe today. Just a little!

This is a side table. Or should I say, the closest thing to a side table (end table) that I could  find.  I bought it for probably close to $75.  I guess maybe they don't use them here in Costa Rica. 

These are the lamps we have in our house. They are supposed to provide light. We had 1 lamp (the tall one - left rear) which was to light up our entire living room (max 40W)
We have a few more lamps around but they are all about the same size. 

I finally broke down and bought a full size lamp the other day. I just could not stand it another minute. Besides not giving off enough light, the lamps look like they belong in a child's room. Seriously!
In town @ my favorite high priced department store they had about 5 full size lamps to choose from. The full size lamps were all way up on the top shelf. Had to get someone get it down for me 
(the price tag was not visible) 😖
We even checked other furniture stores in town (and PriceSmart) and believe it or not, 
they did not have one single lamp! 
I finally bought this one which seemed to be the best one for our living room. 
Cost $104

Makes a big difference! (max 100W)
Oh and checkout my other side table. I bought this one here too when we 1st arrived. It was over $100

Now if I can just find a dimmer.....(have not seen one of these around either)

So, this is just a heads up if you are planning to relocate here
As the Boys Scout motto says
"Be Prepared"
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