Thursday, June 29, 2017

Add a Little Plastico To Your Decor - Our Life in Costa Rica

Plastic has never been my decorating style but since moving to Costa Rica I've learned that you have to be flexible and creative.

and you're going to have to iMpRoViSe

For instance, for some reason the majority of houses in Costa Rica have no medicine cabinet, or for that matter, any kind of cabinet/storage in the bathroom. They don't usually have a mirror either. We were lucky because we did have a small glass shelf and a nice mirror over the sink. So for the 1st year we were here I kept everything in the closet in the bedroom and would have to run back and forth every time I was getting dressed. At first I tried to solve the problem by putting in a small rack under the sink, but that didn't work well because it was very difficult to get to.

Since we are going to be staying here -- I decided to make things easier on myself. Obviously no matter how patient I was, no medicine cabinet was going to magically grow out of the tile! 
So what could I do?

Well, there is a shop in town called Grecia Plastico which is devoted to all things plastic. They have all kinds of storage units in there and all of a sudden getting some plastic stack up drawers didn't seem like such a bad idea! And, they had them in all of these bright colors (which I ) and the cost was (only) $40.

So I bought the orange one (below) for my bathroom. This particular style comes in red, blue, green, orange and beige and they are on wheels so you can move them about. 

They are actually pretty well made and the back and the insides are black so you don't even have to bother trying to decorate them. In person they don't look too cheesy either. (Not sure if they will look like that to you all in the photos)

There wasn't too much space in the bathroom to put it so I stole some by placing it just in front of the towel rack. There is still room for my one towel as Lavanson has his own bathroom.

Now I have drawers for make up, cosmetics, meds, personal items or whatever. The top is nice and flat so I was able to put my makeup mirror there and I have a convenient outlet right behind the drawers.

Now I can utilize the the glass shelf for other things. 

I was so pleased with the new drawers in the bathroom that I bought a purple one for our 2nd bedroom (which is my office) I have a small desk in there with only 4 tiny drawers so this gives me more space for papers, office supplies, etc. This style is a little different and the drawers are bigger and wider. The color is perfect for the room. I will probably move things around, but for the time being, at least you can see it.

So why stop there? We have 3 bedrooms! So I bought the red one (below) for our spare bedroom. I don't have much of anything in it now but I am sure things will find their way into those drawers with time.
Not even sure where I am going to put it so have been moving it around.

The good thing is, since they are plastic, if we move to another house I can always put the orange and red one side by side in the laundry area or even outside. The possibilities are endless.

Oh and now Lavanson has decided he wants one for his bathroom. His bathroom has a different configuration and is a smaller space so we are going to go back and get a smaller beige colored one for him.

I think they are lovin us over at Grecia Plastico. A big smile comes over their faces when we walk in now!
Cha Ching!!😀

Living in Costa Rica
You just gotta "make it work"
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