Tuesday, June 27, 2017

An Organic Farm On Our Ridge - Our Life in Costa Rica

We are extremely lucky to have an organic farm (finca) on the ridge where we live.

Below are some of the local school children learning about organic farming. I think the children here are much more knowledgeable about where their food comes from than our kids back in the states. Many children also live in homes surrounded by lots of land where there are farms and gardens and where they grow fruits and vegetables. 

I previously posted that I've been growing my own herb garden for the past several months.  I have sage, basil, rue, linden, rosemary, and tarragon. The garden is looking really good! 

Recently I added a lime tree, some lemongrass and an aloe vera plant. All of them purchased from the finca. Each one costs about $2. 

Finca Organica San Luis de Grecia

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