Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Currently Listening - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Another new friend

Met Bertie when Toni & I went shopping last Friday. She met us at the USA Furniture Mart and did the negotiating for our purchases. Then we all went to San Ramon for a wonderful lunch (while it poured down rain outside -- we enjoyed a couple of glasses of vino, some calamari, ceviche, guac and chips).
A perfect "girls" lunch! 
During the conversation I found out that she is a jazz singer (originally from CT) and sings at a little club in San Jose (CR). She and her hubby have a beautiful home near San Ramon (CR). She has sung for some wealthy aristocrats in Dubai and will be appearing in Havana in January. She is planning to charter a plane to take some of her friends to join her.
Last night at dinner (House Hunters Int house #1) my friend Mary Ellen gave me a copy of Bertie's Cd.
Listening now 

Who knew?

BTW - Lovin my life - beats answering calls and talking to clients all day - sorry Arceli 😂
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