Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Planting Peace! - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

In this post we are not at the beach, a fancy hotel or walking across a hanging bridge...but I hope that you will take the time to read this anyway. In the end, I think what I am describing is an excellent example of the way we want our world to be. Let me know if you agree!

Visions & Values
Visions and values are two of the most important tools used by leaders or anyone involved in transforming a culture -- or the world for that matter! Visions and values provide us with a clear focus. Values provide the trust and appropriate behaviors needed for group success.

We are all truly digging the vibe, the visions and the values at EARTH University. We traveled by van with a group of expats and spent the day there last Wednesday. The university is fully self sustainable. NOTHING goes to waste. Pretty amazing!

It did not disappoint!

EARTH University is located off the beaten path (near Gu├ícimo) and is not on the "must see" list of tourist destinations for the vast majority of travelers to Costa Rica (although 2017 is the year of Sustainable Tourism). EARTH University is a place I highly recommend!  First of all -- the grounds are GORGEOUS and secondly, visiting Earth University will give you a better understanding of the culture of the Costa Rican people. 

Their students say "First, we learn not only to have an understanding of technical knowledge but also to be understanding of people, how to get closer to others and put all we've learned into practice for those who need it. "

For a Better Tomorrow!
The students come from countries all over the world to learn conventional, as well as sustainable farming. Most of the students will return to their home countries to put what they have learned into practice. 

At EARTH University, students learn the importance of growing food locally, making use of urban greenspaces and creative farming techniques. Urban agriculture helps reduce the carbon footprint tied to food transportation and improves access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute to sustainable development and to construct a prosperous and just society.
Our actions are mission-driven to alleviate poverty, promote social justice and build a future where our communities achieve sustainable and shared prosperity
Human development, Academic excellence, Ethical behavior, Sustainable development, Social consciousness, The Search for knowledge and Biodiversity Conservation.
Since the beginning, EARTH’s primary focus has been on sustainable agriculture. A few people, however, saw an opportunity to take that model to the next level and create a completely auto-sustainable farm that was exclusively organic. The idea was to use integrated family farms, essentially how people have been farming for centuries. This is exactly what we came to see!

Just another reason I Costa Rica!!

Take a look at our day
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