Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Alternative Health Forum - Grecia Costa Rica

Sunday July 23 marked the 1st alternative health forum held in San Roque de Grecia and hosted by Jeanetta Owens.

In general, the term “alternative therapy” refers to any health treatment not standard in Western medical practice.

Technically, “alternative” treatments are used in place of conventional medicine; when used alongside standard medical practices, alternative approaches are referred to as “complementary” medicine.

The field of alternative therapies is diverse: It encompasses practices spanning diet and exercise changes, hypnosis, chiropractic adjustment, and acupuncture.

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Grecia Alternative Health Forum

Purpose - The forum (which will be held on a monthly basis  - subject to change based on participation) is an opportunity for expats and the local community to connect with others and share knowledge, experience and products to help improve overall health through alternative practices. As we get older we instinctively begin to pay more attention to our health, but why put it off ?

Begin today no matter what your age and live a healthy happy life -- 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond!

July 23 - Invited speakers

Dr. Lazaro Gonzales - Ozone Therapy San Roque Abajo
Gil Monge - Owner Ruta Sana Natural Market  (Organic fruits, vegetable, products)
Ser La Luz Retreat Center - Owners Michael & Ed 
Lavanson Coffey - Applied Kinesiology 
Melaney Phillips - Earth Matters - Owners Melaney & Catharine Phillips (natural predominantly organic wonderful goodies for the body and home)
Don Baker - Anti Aging
Logan Thompson - Holistic Solutions ( Consultations, Alternative Therapies, Seminars, Training, High Potency Supplements, Chemical Free Beauty Products)
Lucy Watler - Attorney at Law
Johnny Walker - Liposomal Vitamin C
Dr Sherman Thomas - Forum Interpreter - a graduate of the University of Costa Rica, PhD in the Philosophy of Chemistry 

If you are interested in attending one of our forums or would like to be a speaker or have products, services or advice to share please leave me a comment or email me at urbandoggs@ or for questions and/or reservations please call Jeanetta at 506 2494 0970 CR or 786 363 9036 US.

Hope to see you at the next forum!

Below is a video of the 1st forum

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