Saturday, July 22, 2017

Looking for organic fruits and veggies in Grecia? - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

If so, sorry -- you will find it very difficult to do.

The local feria has 2 stalls that sell organic but not quite the array you might expect coming from the states. Contrary to popular belief, Costa Rica doesn't have as many organic fruits and vegetables as you might think. The country is GMO free ( más o menos - more or less) but the use of pesticides such as Round Up is very high. (we will discuss this more in detail in our upcoming video)

So, we have been on a quest to find an organic farmers market to supply us with the foods and other items we need to live a truly healthy lifestyle. 

Our New Find!

Totally DE-Lighted to find this ORGANIC Farmers Market last Saturday in San Jose.
Three of us took the bus from Grecia at 6:00 am (feria hours are 7-noon)

It did not disappoint. Lots of yummy, healthy cooked food available to eat -- plus veggies, fruits, herbs, plants, cacao, bread, rice, household products, make up, jewelry and more. There are quite a few stalls there. 

We also bought some very tasty pesto sauces and cheese made from cashew nuts.

It's our new favorite spot!

If any of you are planning to move/or visit long term in Grecia and are interested in eating organic, we plan to make a trip at least once a month. Just let me know and we can add you to the list (and hire a driver to take us there probably cost us about $10/ea)

It is a beautiful setting. They even had a yoga class going on.

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