Sunday, September 3, 2017

Panama Jammin 4 - Boquete Real Estate Tour

This video is primarily for those people interested in possible relocation to Boquete, Panama.
So if that isn't your interest you are welcome to skip this one.

We contacted a realtor while in Boquete and she gave us some information about housing prices and rental prices in the area. She also took us to see some homes for sale.

Although I really enjoyed Boquete, once I had a chance to sit down and analyze and compare the prices there against the prices here, I think that Costa Rica is less expensive (even though we hear everywhere that Panama is cheaper).

When we were in Panama City the costs were less than what we pay here but not so for Boquete (i.e Bernie's 2 bedroom home is $1,800/mo and includes utilities). Our 3 bdrm home in Costa Rica is only $800/mo (we pay electric and cable). Which doesn't add up to $1,000/mo. Also the town of Boquete is quite a bit smaller than Grecia and the entire Boquete/David area are the only places to go without getting on the road and making a long trip. I love our easy access to San Jose, Escazu and many other cities close by. Also it seemed that all 3,000 expats live together in one area. I love our nice buses over their chicken buses and I did not see much inter mingling between locals and expats (although I was only there for 2 days so may have been too soon to make that judgment but was the impression I got)

In the end, I will stick with my choice of Costa Rica!!!

Would definitely go back to visit though. And BTW Boquete has excellent restaurants and wins hands down over Grecia IMO!! (the prices in the nice restaurants were about the same as you would pay in the US -- so no savings there)

Click the link below for real estate discussion and home tour. 

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