Thursday, April 12, 2018

New B&B in Grecia - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

Hi folks - Posting video of a new B&B project in Grecia that I visited the other day. Marta Mata has a beautiful property in Grecia Central. She has been renting out space for events but has decided to open her home and share her lovely space with visitors.

In case you missed my Facebook post - here it is below

A new family has ESCAPED from the states and landed in Grecia last week! Congrats!! As they were getting all settled in, they were told of a new B&B which is just getting started in Grecia Central. As a matter of fact, they are the 1st guests. Big welcome to Fran and family!!!
The B&B is a new project Marta is adding as it is already available for social events. Marta is a joy to be around. The property is gorgeous with very nice views (remember views are something you don't usually see in town) Prices are very good as well. The rooms are being refurbished. If you are interested in hosting an event or reserving a room.
please contact Marta at
or call (506) 8833-1488

Here is the video

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