Friday, April 6, 2018

The REAL Costa Rica - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

I was lucky smart this year. We learned a hard lesson the 1st year we were here. 

FACT: Leather (especially black leather) items can and do mold here during the rainy season. 

I only have 2 pairs of dress shoes. Last year during the rainy season I put them both in one of those Ziploc Space Bags and then put them in a plastic storage container. The other day I took them out and there was NO indication of mold (that I could see) but there was a slight odor. So today I hung them on the line to air out. 

FACT: Direct sunlight will kill mold

It's a good thing that Lavanson is vegetarian and I don't like to cook! 

But after 2 years, it was even too much for me!! 😢 Dinner parties were pretty much a "no go" in our house. I couldn't get a regular size pan in the oven. Couldn't bake a pizza and had to make teeny tiny cupcakes! I bought several pans which I thought would fit but when I got them home they wouldn't sit flat on the rack. Truthfully, in Costa Rica you can't choose just any size pan you want. You pretty much have to take what they have.

We tried placing the new oven directly on the bottom counter but it was too tall so we had to put it on the top ledge. It barely fits the space - we have less than 1/2 in to spare. So now the only problem is, I have to stand on a step stool in order to reach the inside of the oven and not be burned by the door. But its a trade off. We are both pretty happy to have such a big oven (to us it seems enormous even though a standard size oven is still a bit bigger) at least...we can finally use NORMAL size pans.

Now, if we could only get MORE counter space! 

(for the photo we have the old oven where the microwave used to be - once we move the old oven we will reclaim some counter space as we have already moved our microwave to another location)

We LOVE our house!! 

Our house is furnished and we actually have a pretty nice kitchen, all things considered. If you rent an unfurnished house it will most likely be devoid of all kitchen appliances (including stove and refrigerator). You will have to provide your own. 

Sometimes you have to decide what is most important to you and then deal the best way you can with the rest!

Just thought you might like to know!

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