Thursday, August 9, 2018

Limón Costa Rica - Day One - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #3

Here's a little bit of the backstory -- in case you are new to the blog, or just missed my previous post.
Originally there were about 12 of us who were going to the Caribbean Coast to attend the annual Calypso Music Festival in Cahuita. Unfortunately, that weekend, there was a TERRIBLE storm which closed the road and flooded the area. 

So, we rescheduled for the weekend of Aug 4th. 

And that brings me to today's story...

Lavanson and I have visited the Caribbean Coast four times and we have NEVER stopped in Limón longer than a few minutes on our way to Puerto Viejo.

I have to ask myself "why"?

Statue of Christopher Columbus who was the 1st European to set foot in Limón on his 4th and final voyage in 1502
One of the reasons is pretty obvious, Costa Rica tourism is directed to the Pacific Coast to locations such as Playa Jaco, the posh beach town of Manuel Antonio and points north in the ritzy areas of Guanacaste, such as Playa del Coco, the famous beach town of Tamarindo and the very popular tourist area of the Nicoya Peninsula, and there is very little press about the Caribbean Coast -- home of the Afro-Caribbean people (except maybe to warn people of the "dangers" there).

Limón has a rich history! 

On this beautiful day, we spent an afternoon in Limón. We walked along the ocean, drank coconut water  marveled at the beauty of the central park and had a very nice lunch at nearby Cafe Gecko.

There is a walking tour available for  Limón where you can learn more about the history - unfortunately the tour can only take 10 people and we had over 15 so we could not take it on this particular day, however on our next trip, it is Number 1 on our list!!!

The Caribbean has some of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica, EXCELLENT food and a laid-back Caribbean vibe! The Caribbean Sea shelters coral reefs and tropical fish and its sands are where four different species of turtle lay their eggs each year.

Be sure to check it out on your next visit to Costa Rica!

Oh and BTW - Puerto Limon is the largest and most important port in Central America for commercial use!

Below is a short recap of the day.

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