Friday, August 10, 2018

Welcome to Cahuita, Costa Rica - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #3

 The Magellan Boutique Hotel - Cahuita Costa Rica

Really enjoyed the hotel with it's picturesque setting and would definitely recommend it.  Sunny - the owner -  is an expat from the US. She purchased the hotel and renovated it (almost a complete re-do). She lives on the property with her 10 yr old son. There is a also a pool and yoga studio on the property. 
They serve a delicious breakfast! There are 6 rooms w/air conditioning.

(One hotel was not big enough for our entire group so the rest of the group stayed nearby at the Caribbean Coconut - more on that hotel in a separate post) 

and just what are we all looking at?

 This little lady - a female sloth  - one of 2 living at the Magellan Boutique Hotel

We also met 2 very interesting ladies (Stacey & Chyrel) from the states who were on a Costa Rica due diligence mission! 

They joined up with our group at the Gecko Cafe & Grill. 

Once we had lunch and were all checked into our rooms   
we were just relaxing on the patio outside 
and we got to talking...

Stacey & Chyrel owners of 

See additional pics of the hotel grounds and learn the history of Sacred Naturals in our interview 
with Stacey & Chyrel below
(we already have a list of things we want to order!!) 

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