Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Snip, Snip Here... - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #3

Luis & Leo basking in the sun!

Veterinary Costs in Costa Rica

I always like to keep you up to date on how much it costs for services in Costa Rica.
We currently have TWO cats, Luis & Leo. Both of them adopted us. They are both males and they are strictly outside cats. However, we do feed them, provide beds for them and care for their health and for the most part it is like having 2 (inside cats) except that they live outside. To that end, I feel a responsibility to make sure they have their shots and also to make sure they don't produce any offspring or do that whole fighting, yowling, spraying thing!

However, I was surprised myself when we took Leo in yesterday for "neutering". I made the appointment in Spanish. We dropped him off at 9:00am and picked him up at 4pm.
The bill was 15,000mil colones 
15,000CRC =25.6567USD

oh and we got a bag of cat food for 1,000mil colones =1.71977USD

I knew it would be less expensive than in the states (which I understand can run up to $200) we had already had Luis fixed but I was really surprised when I saw the bill. It sort of scared me at first because I thought I had made a mistake in my Spanish and he didn't get the right procedure - however the bill plainly says "castracion" so... there ya go! (btw- our other vet was a bit more but I can't recall now) 
Anyway. these prices make it a lot easier to help the stray cat population stay healthy and keeps the population down.


Just thought I would share that with you.
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