Monday, October 20, 2014

It's all about the dogs! Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Black in Costa Rica

It's all about the dogs!

I've mentioned several times that I'm a bit worried about the girls (Lily & Lola) living in Puerto Viejo (if we living). I have read about the stray dogs that roam the streets and the beaches there. Mostly big dogs and my girls are very small. So of course I'm concerned.

I figure the best way to get accurate information is speak with pet owners who live there or have been there.

The central Valley is on our list of possible locations so I got some info from on the expats business owners who has lived in the Costa Rica for aver 10 years.
"There are no leash laws here, but you should not have any problem with your two yorkies. I would not leave them behind.  I brought my medium size Chow mix when I moved here (she passed away a year and a half ago 17 years old).  I never had any problems with her and she would sometimes walk around loose in the neighborhood.  A lot of the dogs you see around are not stray dogs they belong to someone but they let them out by themselves."

Ashlea and I have also discussed the situation (as she has a dog as well).  So since she was going to visit the area before I would get my chance to go, she agreed to give me some first hand information about just what the situation is on the ground in Puerto Viego.

"The dogs are all polite... Lol... They lay in the restaurants...bars...shops... Wherever they want to be but they never beg"

"They lay next to tables I guess hoping for food. They were on the DANCEFLOOR tonight... And I actually saw a stray fetch a ping pong ball from a match. Then he sat back down waiting for attention."
"To clarify on the dogs, they will try to get them away from the tables and the dogs do listen- but we said it was ok.
  "We were sharing a rib plate and I was excited to give them the bones and besides, I don't mind sharing space with dogs- they are all so polite!"
"Dined with THREE dogs....they sat and waited for a bite- one just rested his head on my knee."

"I met an American there, he had a dog that dined with us as well. So we were talking about the docile. I watched a cat (also roaming inside) batting the tail of a dog...he didn't even bother- just looked at her."
"Saw a tiny Chihuahua with its owner- so we stopped him and asked
He said he's never had a problem. I told him about you.
I think this might have been a teacup
It was on a leash and walking... The dogs just ignore."
"The dog situation is amazing. I mean... Really."

Here are the requirements for bringing your pet to Costa Rica
Moving with your pets: A rabies vaccination is required for pets that enter Costa Rica, and it must be administered between 30 days and one year before departure.You’ll also need to have your veterinarian fill out and sign the APHIS 7001 International Health Certificate from the United States Department of Agriculture stating that your pet is in good health. Birds require additional paperwork.
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