Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eating off the land - Black in Costa Rica

Breakfast from the garden.  All growing right outside our room.

There are an abundance of fruits and vegetables available in Costa Rica. You can grow your own or purchase them inexpensively from stores or local stands.

There is even a  truck that goes through the neighborhoods selling them. This is an excellent way to cut down on food costs. Ticos know this - some expats---not so much! Eating the unhealthy processed foods we are used to will drive up your food costs here. (not to mention that eating fresh fruits and vegetables will also keep you much healthier)

Included in the cost of our stay is breakfast (that has been the norm with every hotel we have stayed in since we arrived)

Oscar (below) prepares our morning pipa and fruits. Oscar is a Tico from the Central Valley of Costa Rica who now makes his home on the Caribbean side. He is studying the different plants in Costa Rica.

Can you guess the name of this fruit?

It's the exotic Breadfruit - which BTW is high in protein and touted as a "wonder" food which has the potential to feed the world. The tree can grow to 85ft tall and is a replacement for starch.

Also -- the breadfruit itself is huge!

To eat you just peel away the white portion (something like peeling an orange)

Pipa de agua (from the green coconut) it is a myth that there is a creamy white drinkable substance instead. Only the clear water which is good for cleaning the blood and toxins from the body.

lots of machetes around this place!

The papaya tree. It is beautiful

And just look at what else is growing in this jungle paradise!

It's baby Abbi

Abbi is the daughter of our new expat friends Jessica & Steve. Jessica hails from Detroit and had been living in Baltimore. They are the gracious managers of our cabina and a wealth of information. 
Jessica & Steve plan to open a bilingual school here on the Caribbean side. 
Abbi is such a good baby even Jesse was holding her

**to any of you who receive my posts via email - please excuse any typos on these posts - kind of hard to post from my laptop and I often discover the typo after I post. Thanks
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