Saturday, March 21, 2015

The road to Puerto Viejo - Black in Costa Rica

The 1st day we arrived in Playa Negra (means black beach for the volcanic black sandy beach) we decided to take a walk back into town.

Our cabina (which actually has 2 floors with a master bedroom & AC upstairs and another bedroom downstairs that has 3 beds in it - it is very sparsely decorated with 2 wooden benches for sofas and no TV - which I am fine with) is located off the main road and hidden away. Have to say that this is my least favorite accommodation so far. Not due to the seclusion but more due to amenities. However, Charles loves it! As I keep telling him  - "I'm a city girl and never lived on a tiny boat")

The best things about it are the people who run it and the managers who are really nice and have provided us with lots of valuable information. I think this place is more typical of the average stay in the area.  Nothing fancy - just clean affordable rooms, breakfast included and beautiful surroundings!! We've already met many of the other travelers who are staying here.

On the road to town

you may see many things. 
Sort of reminds me of the south

And just as we round the corner, 
up ahead, 
is that life?

Are those flags beckoning for us to come closer?

and......By golly, there is life! 

Did you ever wonder where all the hippies went?
Well, I think we found them.
And they still have on the same clothes they had on in 1965!
Gotta love em though!!!
and their presence is indicative of the kind of culture in the area  
you get a sense of free spirit(ness)!

and now we also know that the NFL is alive and well on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

I can only assume that the owners live in this little airstream next to the bar.

And then there is always that beautiful Caribbean Sea!!!

The bar just sort of appears magically off the road

so of course we stopped in for a drink

and then....our friend Frederick appeared
He was kind enough to give us a lift the rest of the way into town

(we are also taking a tour with him today)

We had dinner in town.  After that, and tired from our journey, we stopped by this little restaurant and asked them to call us a taxi, which they did. - we still need 2 of them for the 5 of us

We waited patiently for our ride 
and an end to another glorious day 
in paradise!!
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  1. Here's wishing you all a safe trip home...and thanks for allowing me to take a virtual vacation with you...I never spent so little to have so much fun!