Sunday, October 4, 2015

Making it in Costa Rica as a woman travelling solo

As a blogger, I understand how difficult it can be sometimes to select an appropriate title for a story and/or video, and Michael Alan has admitted before that he often chooses a title for the wow factor (I love Michael Alan and his videos) but if you are not familiar with Travel Costa Rica Now  (or you happen to be one of us older folks) don't let this title fool you.

Helpful Expat Interview:
Yes, she may be single and sexy to some, but I also found her to be a very insightful young woman who has chosen to leave her home in the U.S and live as an expat in Cost Rica.
She has a lot to say, good advice and a wisdom not afforded to many until later in life.

Check it out below

video link here
**(If you are an email subscriber and have trouble viewing the video - please click the Aspiring Expats link at the bottom of this post or click the movie link above and watch on youtube)
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