Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our life in Costa Rica - Day 13

Yesterday morning I was out on my back patio and I heard some noise like people speaking (in Spanish of course). Since this is a coffee plantation, there are often workers in the fields. As I got closer I could hear the sound of leaves rustling and the thud of something hitting the ground. Turns out our neighbor (and I think it was actually our landlord's father - who is the owner of the plantation) was collecting avocados. He spoke to us and we attempted to carry on a conversation in Spanish (to no avail ) Anyway he gave us some of the avocados he had collected and went on down the path. Since I had my camera with me I decided to photograph some of the many butterflies that are ever present in the bushes next to the house. 

This is truly a beautiful place. I am always in awe. 

Here's a little of that video (please excuse the photography - its hard to chase a butterfly

here's the video

(here is link to watch on youtube)
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