Saturday, August 20, 2016

Quick & easy bedroom makeover- Our life in Costa Rica

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If you know me, you know that I am a girl who LOVES color. Bright Colors!!

Although the decor in the home was Ok (especially since it came fully furnished) - it was not exactly "our design taste". Many of the things we could not change, like the furniture and artwork (or the lack of it).

In the bedrooms I've wanted to add some of the colors and design that I like by changing out the duvets, however, try as I might, I have yet to find a duvet in any store where it did not come in combination with a full sheet/pillowcase/sham combination. Even that would not have been too bad except I have not been fond of the designs.

In the box we shipped I had a brightly colored cloth shower curtain from one of my previous apartments (I really like the bold colors) and yesterday I decided to see if it would fit on one of the queen size beds. Although it could stand to be a tad bigger, it made it across the bed and there was enough room to tuck it in the bottom and the sides.

Of course since it is a shower curtain it did not have matching sheets or pillowcases. The closest color I could find (that I had brought with me) was orange. Not a favorite but doable in a pinch if I covered with throw pillows.

     throw pillow purchased in Grecia

shower curtain 


The cool thing was that I bought a throw pillow in downtown Grecia and it was a dead ringer in color, but I only had one. I made a trip into town to purchase more -- but as luck would have it, they had no more in stock. I compromised and chose a deep burgundy. I also had a green pillow which I had bought in town and it looked OK so I used it. While I was in town I decided to replace the dark blackout curtains with 2 lighter sheer panels in a light lavender/purple. 

new curtains

I recently purchased a full length mirror since the house only had ONE mirror! (previously I had purchased one for the 2nd bathroom) but have not been able to see what I look like below my shoulders since I got here.

The room is a work in progress. Next up I will change out the orange pillowcases. I also need an additional stand in the room.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

Have a great weekend!!!
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