Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Great American Coffee Swindle - The Café Exposé - Our Life in Costa Rica

The truth about the coffee you are drinking!

Below are 10 questions to test your knowledge of the coffee you buy and drink?
1. Should coffee be dark (i.e a cup of black coffee) or light like tea?

2. (a) Does the coffee you purchase at the store clearly state the type of beans used and/or the altitude in which the coffee was grown?  True/False 

(b) Is this information required by the FDA? True/False
3. Which are better small, wrinkled coffee beans or large, smooth coffee beans?
4. Which coffee beans are the best, MHB or SHB?

5. Nearly all commercial coffees sold pre-ground in cans or bags are blended? True/False

6. Is it good for a very light sheen of oils come to the surface after your coffee is roasted? True/False

7. Which is better coffee, Arabica or Robusta? 

8. Torrefacto refers to the process whereby sugar is added during the coffee bean roasting process? True/False

9. Americans pay among the highest prices in the world for coffee? True/False

10. Coffee is a $80 Billion dollar a year retail business.  Small coffee farmers usually end up with as little as, 4 cents a pound in profit? True/False

So who’s making all the dough and how are they pulling this off?  Let me tell you, it’s not just the farmers that are getting swindled. And that’s the story behind The Great Coffee Swindle.

This is an excellent, eye opening video. I found it to be extremely interesting and informative. If you are one of the 83% of Americans that drink coffee, you owe it to yourself to watch this. After, you should share this video with other friends and family.

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