Monday, April 2, 2018

Oh What A Beautiful Morning - Our Life in Costa Rica Yr #2

I bring you good news!

These are REAL clouds LOL

Firstly - I was sitting in my living room yesterday and I looked out the window at the beautiful puffy clouds and it reminded me how beautiful the sky used to look in the city where I lived in California. Over the last 30 years the beautiful blue sky has turned to milky white by the end of the day covering the sky in clouds. Most people have gotten so used to it that they have forgotten what the sky is suppose to look like. I will leave you to your own conclusions about what you think has happened.

I just wanted to say how happy I am to be in a country where the skies are still clear and beautiful!

Also, Mornings are my favorite time!
Every morning I go outside to sweep the patio and while I am out, I remind myself how blessed we are to be living in such a beautiful place. Peaceful, Blue Skies, Birds Chirping, Dogs Barking in the distance.
I started a new garden back in December so I have been taking snapshots of the flowers as they unfold and come into bloom. And do you remember that tiny little papaya tree grown from seeds tossed into the yard? Well it is getting so tall now.

Thought I would share some of the beauty with you in the short video below. 

Good Morning from San Luis de Grecia, Costa Rica from Devon on Vimeo.

Secondly - The Aspiring Expats Facebook page has reached 1,000 LIKES and over 1,050 Followers!!
Muchas Gracias for all your support! 

BUT...The biggest news of all is.....

The presidential election

Meet Costa Rica’s 48th President, Carlos Alvarado

Carlos Alvarado, a Progressive, age 38 (the youngest president elected in Costa Rica) won in a landslide over his opponent Fabricio Alvarado. One of the main campaign issues was over Gay rights. 

"The Inter-American Court on Human Rights’ (IACHR) on January 9th ruled that all 20 countries recognizing its jurisdiction should legalize same-sex marriage. Fabricio Alvarado, an evangelical journalist and singer, attacked the decision, threatening to withdraw Costa Rica from the court."

Thank goodness he lost!!!

saving the best for last

And even more good news is that....Drum Roll please!!!

Meet Costa Rica’s Vice President, Epsy Campbell

History was made last night: Epsy Campbell, a longtime presence in the Legislative Assembly and Citizen Action Party (PAC), has become the first female Afro-descendent vice president in Costa Rican history.

Pura Vida - Life is Good
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